Camelia patrascanu horoscop december 2019

There are months to walk or meet people with whom they need to change a word, but they are in very good condition.

Then New Year's Eve is in a good mood. Without New Year's surplus, they are particularly drawn to attention.

The moon in the scorpion can scratch some older weaknesses. But on the following days, January 3, they are in good shape to impress others.

Some people who are alone can make very interesting acquaintances about New Year's Eve. Some people may be home alone, others will go where they go, they notice things and somehow do it.

FISH HOROSCOP : They think about spending time on the street or staying in the area or traveling near their house, somehow mentally traveling, making plans, making dreams, maybe even fantasies that are not necessarily are very good — they have to get their feet on the floor because they have career problems in the coming days, so good suggestions knock on the door. Source link.

They feel useful where they are. Pay attention to Thursday and Friday if they are traveling. Leo — Take care of their health, especially on Monday, when they have a little more nostalgic mood.

HOROSCOP 25 mai, cu Camelia Pătrășcanu. Gemenii fac călătorii, Scorpionii au parte de surprize

Tuesday and Thursday have a very good tone. Health care for Thursday and Friday.

January 1, Entertainment 0 Views Astrologer Camelia Patrascanu presented the horoscope on Antena 3 for the week from December 31 to January 6. Horoscop -Berbec. See more of Roxana Lusneac Cioriceanu-Horoscop Vedic on Camelia Patrascanu December 26, ·.

Very nice atmosphere this weekend. Virgo — Caring to please the others.

HOROSCOP 25 mai, cu Camelia Pătrășcanu. Gemenii fac călătorii, Scorpionii au parte de surprize

They are very effective over the weekend and know how to handle things. The Libra — It would take months for things to come out perfectly, but the week also gives surprises to them. Saturday and Sunday are inspired.

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Scorpio — They are full of responsibility, no matter what their tasks are. If I do the job well, I am also good on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are more with friends than with the family.

The weekend is very important. December 23, Entertainment 4 Views. Powered by vaaju. Thursday and Friday can discuss very important things. Many quite sincere discussions.

They just think of them over the weekend. Sagittarius — The atmosphere is beautiful for them. They feel loved on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a good map for Thursday and Friday.

End of week spent with friends. Capricorn — It will be an unforgettable Christmas. Dictations with your partner are very important. Thursday and Friday can discuss very important things.

The weekend is very important. Aquarius — It has been around for several months, but Christmas is a monster. I'm in very good shape. Thursday and Friday have good looks and enjoy all sorts of benefits.